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Hung Gar Chinese Kung Fu

Hung Gar, also known as Hung Kuen comes from the south of China.

The celebrated Chinese folk hero Wong Fei Hung was a master of this style .

Hung Gar is reportedly named after Hung Hei –Gun a disciple of the Shaolin monk Jee Sim. Hung a tea merchant by trade brought the art to Guandong. Hung Gar stresses honesty, righteousness, directness and iron will. The training emphasizes strong and low stance work, bridge (forearm) training, low snapping kicks and the development of Root (centreing the chi ).

Hung Gar is also comprised of five animals and five elements
the animals being:

Tiger ( power, strength ) clawing, grabbing and palming techniques

Crane ( grace and agility ) pecking, hooking and kicking

Leopard (swiftness) back handing pawing and chopping techniques

Snake (softness ) finger and hand strikes with wrapping and coiling movements

Dragon (spiritual ) stance training and Hei – Gung development.

The elements are:

Gold ( Gum ) splitting fists

Fire ( Foh ) rapid punching inverted fist not unlike Wing Chun

Water (Soi ) long swinging arms

Wood ( Muk ) blocking and striking simultaneously

Earth ( Dei ) to come from the ground to uproot.