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WU WEI ( Standing on Stake )

The days of ancient times, for the person who wanted to learn martial arts the first skill was Chi Gung, this would strengthen the body and the mind -Internal energy.

In today’s complex society people have become busier, martial art students looking for the quickest way have neglected this important aspect of Chinese martial arts.

The practice of standing on stake or sometimes known as Wu Wei is integral to your trainings, it is there to develop your focus , sensitivities , quietness of mind and body, leg strength, as well as the most important connection to the Root. To stand on stake is the highest principle, the greatest secret of martial arts.

Lao Tzu’s words – “Stand alone without changing, to see the mystery, carry on fully, to see the limits.” The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine says – “Stand alone quietly and preserve the spirit, and all parts of the body will be as one“ meaning to stand in a quiet manner will help to center the body, therefore a major factor in developing the martial artists internal energies.

Lin Kuen Bat Lin Gong – Dou Lou Yat Cheung Hung

To train in form alone without basic skill will cause your Gung Fu to be useless in old age. You must train in Gung as well as Geng.