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Hi and welcome to my website on Hung Gar Kung Fu. Here, you won't find an abundance of information about Hung Gar, as you can easily access all you need on today’s web. My purpose here is to introduce you to what we do and how we train in Hung Gar.

My school is located on the Sunshine Coast, training in Palmwoods two days a week. I also offer classes once a month and one-on-one lessons in the Eumundi area. Unlike many Hung Gar schools that accommodate a large number of students per session (where you can get lost in the crowd), my classes are smaller for more personalized and directed training.

With over 30 years of Hung Gar training, I have had the privilege of learning from Cheung Yee Keung as my Sifu. I've made numerous trips to Hong Kong to train under some of the most renowned Hung Gar masters.

The aim of my school is to give you as much insight as I can into the essence of Traditional Gung Fu and its significance. I am not about trying to rush you through training, rather I prioritize you taking the time to understand the essence of traditional Gung Fu of which Hung Gar is just a small part. This however does not mean you will learn some hybrid form of Hung Gar, you will indeed learn the authentic style as passed to me by my Sifus.

If you believe my school aligns with your interests, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via 0414 366 604 or email: Even better, join us for one of the classes at the times listed below and experience firsthand how we train. You never know, you might just find it to your liking!

Training Info

White Crane Qigong

( Qi - Air, Gong - Work ) - dates back to a time in Chinese history where the “Yellow Emperor” classics of “Internal Medicine” says to “stand alone quietly and preserve the spirit and all parts of the body will be as one”.

Meaning to stand in a quiet manner will help to centre the body, therefore effecting a major change in developing the internal energies of the body . Your White Crane Qigong course will focus on these essential qualities. Check out the qigong page here

Hung Gar Kung Fu and Qigong Training Times and Venues

Palmwoods Memorial Hall , Palmwoods
Wednesday 6.30 - 8.00 pm
Saturday 8.30 - 10.30 am

Contact Eamon (Sifu) on: 0414 366 604 or email:


If you are interested in Eastern/Japanese Culture you may like to visit our Tradition Japanese Gardens website. This is complemented by our colour consultancy and interior design done with Xntu8 by dezign visit them here.

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