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My name is Eamon Jefford and I have been studying and playing martial arts since the age of 15. I first started with Tae Kwon Do attaining the 1st dan. From there I moved to Hung Gar a southern Chinese martial art, I have also played Yang style Tai Chi and Taoist breathing sets from Ba Gua, the combination of these making my Hung Gar richer in content.

My first Hung Gar teacher was taught by Sigung Chui Wei where I stayed for 9 years, before moving to my current teacher Sifu Cheung Yee Keung as taught by Sigung Chan Honjung.

What am I trying to achieve?

My belief system plays a large part of how and why I train, it is quite simple that my mission is to teach ” Hung Gar “ or as I call it Chinese Gung Fu to the best of my ability and to relay all of the information from my teachers to the students who come before me.

There appears to be a current understanding amongst westerners that if I go here for 12 months and then elsewhere for 6 months and so on that I will learn Chinese Martial Arts and then be able to start my own classes. I believe that there is too much commercialisation of Chinese Martials Arts and that this causes the true character and meaning to be somewhat lost, my classes are based on Traditional training methods to ensure that the student has the best information to achieve a deeper understanding as to why and how the body works and where the power comes from, this is why in our system of Hung Gar the student is not graded but rather given life skills.

In the old days a student was with the master until all was learnt or he was told to see another Sifu or the teacher died! This is also the 21st century and realise that not every one can donate that kind of time so if the information is pure and already tested then it should make learning easier and more enjoyable